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Vaccine / Coke Bust split 7″

Posted on by Ryan


I was commissioned to illustrate the new split 7″ from Massachusetts’ Vaccine and D.C.’s Coke Bust. It was a fun project and they were really cool and easy to work with. But, this wasn’t how I designed this. The specific concept was “A vulture eating a business man” so… there you have it. I liked the idea of keeping this pretty gritty and “punk” looking in keeping with both of the bands sound. And I was also looking at some Hitchcock movie posters for inspiration.

I’m posting this cover they way I illustrated and designed it which is not the way the actual record seems to have been produced which I wasn’t aware of and am a little disappointed by but oh well. There was some debate over the text and I handed it off. The end result (to me) throws off the composition and balance of the illustration and also compromises the concept a bit. My original is on the LEFT and the final cover is on the RIGHT just above. I wanted to post the original here because you probably won’t see it anywhere else and took a bit of time / thought to put together.

Great people, awesome bands, I had a great time working with them, just wish this had come together a little differently.